Ultra Wide Displays

ANNAX Customer Specific Displays (Stretched Displays)

To provide passengers with an increasing amount of information is purpose and priority for passenger information systems. But the architecture and design of railway vehicles often leaves only a limited amount of space and area for displays in the common 4:3 or 16:9 formats. The licensed Stretched Display technology of ANNAX allows the efficient production of displays in new formats, which can be installed in areas of a vehicle which were previously unavailable. ANNAX provides the successful LED backlight technology for the new Stretched Displays, and thanks to the available luminosity between 300 cd to 1500 cd per square metre, great readability and high contrast are ascertained for both interior and exterior display applications. The usage of proved and tested TFT and LED technology ensures a high reliability and long-life cycle of ANNAX products.


ANNAX Stretched Display Produktion

In the year 2012 ANNAX acquired the license to cut and reseal TFT displays from Tannas Electronics. The new, licensed technology allows ANNAX to cut regular TFT displays down to a customer and application specific size. Since the TFT displays are immediately resealed after being cut, the displays retain all of their functionality, technical characteristics and longevity they had before the process. This new technology is a strategic investment of ANNAX to stay technologically ahead in the area of passenger information displays. ANNAX produces Stretched Displays at its own site in Suzhou (LINK). The entire production process stays within the company. By implementing this new technology and keeping the production process within the company, ANNAX remains a leading provider of customer specific solution in the area of display technology for the passenger information system market.


Stretched Displays - Available Formats and Sizes



Stretched Displays - Technical Details


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