ANNAX Emergency Communication Units

ANNAX offers emergency communication units which enable passengers to report emergencies and contact train personnel to describe the occurring emergency and receive instructions by personnel.
The compact emergency communication units can be installed in various locations within the vehicle. The design of the housing can be customised by ANNAX according to the interior of the respective vehicle and ensure a secure fit. Naturally, the emergency communication units can be combined with and integrated into the ANNAX PIS.


To improve the safety of passengers and personnel, ANNAX offers a CCTV system of surveillance cameras and video recorders which can be integrated into the PIS.
The interior of the vehicle, sites of emergency and scenes of fires, as well as passengers using the emergency communication units can be observed by train personnel and staff at the land-based control centre. IP-cameras are used as surveillance cameras.
The footage of the cameras is transmitted via Ethernet to video recorders for storage and displays in the OCC or the driver cab for live observation. To record the footage, ANNAX offers the recorders NVR 33 and NVR 16, as well as unique software developed by ANNAX to download, display and enhance reviewing of recorded video material. The PIS notifies personnel automatically if the storage of the recorders is about to run out or whether a hard disc error occurred.

ANNAX BLIS-Information System for the Blind and Sight Impaired

Passengers of public transportation are informed via optical information on displays about time schedules, travel routes and the next station. But this kind of information does not reach passengers with impaired eyesight.
ANNAX BLIS provides additional functionality for passenger information systems. The sight-impaired passenger possesses a personal device (hand device or integrated in white cane), which, after pressing one of the control buttons, emits an acoustic message about the next stop or the final station.
The system can be newly installed into a vehicle or be integrated into an existing passenger information system of a public transportation system, upgrading it to make it more accessible for disabled passengers.

ANNAX Fire Protection

Three different solutions are available. The first stage enables the basic functions of the fire protection system.
The next stage integrates the fire protection system partly into the passenger information system of ANNAX, which allows surveying the scene of fire via the CCTV system and provides a video feed to the train personnel via the TIU displays.
The third stage is full integration. It enables the automatic transmission of a fire alarm and a video feed of the scene of fire to the land-based control centre. It will also establish a communication channel between CC and vehicle driver.

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