Fleet Management

ANNAX Fleet Management System

The Fleet Management System (FMS) of ANNAX is is used to manage a railway fleet and the integrated passenger information system. It enables data transmissions between cabs, control centres and devices within a vehicle. The system can be expanded with additional, customer-specific functions.

The FMS enables functions like the fetching and display of status information, like operation status and position of a vehicle via GPS, but also maintainence information, like the availability of software upgrades, and application-specific data for CCTV systems or automatic passenger counting.

In addition to that, the FMS can provide passenger relvant content. This includes a seat reservation system, the planning and compilation of travel routes or information for connecting trains. The display of entertainment and advertising content is just as easy as relaying news or weather information. Large volumes of data are transferred quickly, safely and reliably. The security of transferred data is ensured via the encryption vy preconfigured keys. If a data transfer is unexpectatedly aborted, the FMS system will automatically restart the connection and resume the transmission.


Features of our Solution:

  • Acessing Status Information

- Availability (online / offline – Connection available?)
- Operation Status – is the vehicle ready for operation?
- Position – where is the vehicle currently?
- Service Information – is service required or requested?
- Maintenance Information – is a software update available, does hardware need a replacement?
- Sub-Systems / Application specific – CCTV, alarm signals, automatic passenger counting

  • Providing Information relevant to Passengers

- Display of travel route
- Seat Reservation System
- Anschlußinformationen
- Reiseunabhängige Inhalte (Werbung, Unterhaltung, Information: News-Meldungen, Wetter)
- Wartung
- Aktualisierung von Software und Konfiguration
- Diagnosefunktion: Logdateien

  • Transfer of high volumes of low-priority data (scheduled transfers)
  • Automatic restart of lost connections
  • Real-time transfer of short messages with e.g. status information and connection status
  • Limited lifetime of messages (data packages, datagrams)
  • Utilisation of different transfer technologies: GPRS, WLAN
  • Secure Connections (VPN)
  • Modular system
  • External interfaces to other systems
  • Multitenancy
  • high scalability
  • Access control (user access rights)
  • Integration in Windows Domänen, only one password for PC and FMS
  • Vehicle position with additional information


ANNAX FMS System Overview



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