Network and Communication

ANNAX WLAN based On-Board communication system

The On-Board WLAN communication system by ANNAX connects mobile TCUs, the land-based control centre, passenger communication units and train communication units with each other. The system's technology provides a secure connection and fast, high-quality audio transfer.




ANNAX Powerline - Network Connections over Vehicle Couplings

The coupling of two vehicle compositions happens several times a day under very rough conditions, which renders the safe transmission of signals and data a difficult task.

Powerline is an IP communication solution which allows establishing a safe and stable Ethernet connection between two vehicle compositions.

The ANNAX PowLine technology transforms the ETH data traffic of the network into a high-frequency signal and transmits the signal via induction to the existing conductors of the other composition.

The data transfer rate reaches up to 40 to 80 Mbit per second, depending on the material and length of the conductors (PLC latency time ca. 10ms).



Connecting two trains via PowerLine



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