ANNAX LED Displays


LEDLEDs (Light-Emitting-Diodes) are semi-conductor elements which emit light when supplied with power. LEDs are a proven and cheap technology with a high luminance and a long life cycle. In addition, LEDs are robust and relatively insensitive to the damaging influence of temperature and humidity. ANNAX utilises LEDs for exterior and interior displays, for backlighting of TFT displays and as coloured indicators for the operation status of devices and products.





TFT FunktionsprinzipOrganic LED or polymeric LED represent a new LED technology, which is not based on the regular semiconductors, but on organic compounds or polymeric compounds. This new LED technology offers better contrast, requires less power and can be deployed in especially thin and flexible displays, offering new possibilities for applications in the railway environment. ANNAX utilises oLEDs in seat reservation displays and other interior display applications. Transparent oLED displays allow exploiting the glass and window areas of a vehicle for passenger information purposes.



ANNAX TFT Displays


TFT Displays are LCD displays, in which a matrix of thin-film-transistors is used to control and actuate the single pixels. TFT displays have been used for years and are able to display complex graphics and freely programmable text in high resolutions and with a colour palette of up to 16.8 million different colours. ANNAX employs TFT technology for side displays, ceiling displays, route map displays etc. in the standard formats and also in the new ultra-wide display formats.




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